Diabetic Friendly Sweeteners

If you have diabetes chances are you have wondered what the best artificial sweetener for diabetics may be. There are actually several artificial sweeteners that are safe for those with daibetes each with their own unique benefits.
The most common sweetener for diabetics has got to be aspartame and sucralose. Aspartame is a great sweetener as it can be used in both cold and warm foods unlike other sweeteners, although it may loose dome sweetness when exposed to extreme temperatures. If you have a condition called phenylketonuria you should avoid aspartame as it can make your condition worse. Sucralose can also be used in hot and cold food products. You can even use it in baking and cooking! Sucralose is also often found in process foods such as reduced calorie baked goods.
If you have diabetes aspartame and sucralose are sure to make your life easier as they are two very common sweeteners that are great for diabetics. You can find these sweeteners at any grocery store.